Thursday, December 6, 2007

My first entry to my blog

Well, decided to name this as, My Life Story. I am going to write whatever that will be happening in my life. Also, towards the future, I can view this again to see how wonderful my life was being spent.

I once had this teacher who asked this question," What would you do when you're at the last three days of your life?" Everybody in the class did not know how to reply that. Some came up with interesting ideas such as doing something that you have never done before so that at the end of your life, you will not regret of not doing it. Whereas some came up with writing a will to tell their family members how he or she wants her wealth to be shared among them before they die, which I thought was not meaningful at all. After a few minutes of discussion, the teacher finally spoke and told us about his thoughts. He told us that if he were to know that he was to die in three days, he would take out all his photo albums and view every single pictures so that all these will be kept in him as memories.

As we all know that we came here into this world with phyiscally nothing and we will also leave this world physically nothing but we perhaps can have memories to bring along with us after death. Upon hearing what my teacher said, I felt very enlightened so were the rest of my classmates. The teacher left the class after making the amazing statement.

Until this day, I can never forget about it. I would love to share this with everyone whether if you're viewing my blog or anyone that I happen to see. And now, thinking back about this, how I wished that I could meet the teacher again to tell him that besides looking at the photo albums, in this 21st century, bloggings are also another source that can be similar to looking at photo albums.

So people out there, do make use of this and when you reached probably the age of 50, you would be surprised to see the amazing things you did in your life having so many events accumulated in your blog and even if it is your last day of your life, you will and I assure you that you will never regret every single seconds of your life!


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