Friday, December 21, 2007

Going for a movie before Christmas

Christmas is juz round the corner. A special event/day whereby Jesus was born on this day.It's His birthday! That's why we call for a celebration. A birthday celebration for Him. So I hope everyone still remember the real reason of celebrating Christmas..
Well, juz before this special day, I actually went for a movie with Hui Shan, schoolmate of mine, studying in the same course as me but different class. We went out as frens kinda awkward in the sense that it's juz me and her. Well, we started off chatting getting to know more about each other better. Haha..Guess I did not start well in the conversation..Kinda too random as I was asking her many questions of different topics..Well, juz doing my best to keep ourselves from being silent..and also from being awkward..
Anyway, it was better when we had dinner at Long John Silver. We chatted about our favourite lecturers and also lecturers that we dislike..Also, about her classmates whom I totally don't know their names. I'm quite surprised that she knew most of my classmates..Think she did a research on them..Lol..Nah..kidding..or maybe she did?
It was 20 minutes later when it was time for the movie. 7.10pm was the seating time. We got in late by a few minutes because there was a long queue for the popcorns and stuff but thank God the show have not started, it was still broadcasting some advertisement. We wouldn't wanna miss abit of the action pack movie. Oh..almost forgot to mention that the movie we watched was National Treasure The Book Of Secrets. Man!!It was fantastic! Most probably it's the best thriller this season! Totally awesome!
It was past 2 hours when the movie was finally over..We then decided to head home. While waiting for the train to arrive, we coincidentally met Chang Li, a secondary school friend of mine, on the platform. I did the introduction to both of them..(Like a middle man)..and juz as it ended, the trained came. Onboard the train, Chang Li and I kinda feel that Hui Shan was being left out..sorry for that..cause his stop was juz 1 stop away so juz wanna catch up some things with him. And after Chang Li dropped off the train, Hui Shan and I made our ways to the empty seats and again we chatted.
I was surprised when half-way during our conversation, Hui Shan shared with me that she was from Chinese Orchestra when she was in Primary school. Cause it was same for me..I was in Chinese Orchestra in Primary 4 too..Then we chatted about the instruments that we used to play..and so was interesting..
Without looking at the time on our was so soon that we finally reached Bugis all the way from Tampines..To me it was like 10 mins rather than the real time which is about 30 mins..Guess the conversation we had, made time fly quickly. I accompanied Hui Shan home, a 10 mins walk. And it was at her block that I bid goodbye to her. So did she. Ya..Like I've said earlier..Frens..So ya..not what you've been thinking on ur mind..Haha..But to summarise all, I really had a great time with Hui Shan catching a movie together..And hope she had a wonderful time with me too..*Except about being awkward towards each other..But I do believe in the future..we'll get along well even better! SmiLeS!


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