Sunday, December 23, 2007


I'm still feeling unwell now..Juz woke up to type this entry.But at least my fever has gone down.Ya..I had a fever last night and it was unbearable. My family members were all asleep. Doubt they know that I'm sick.

In the middle of the night, I took a hand towel, wet it, placed it on my forehead and slept without taking any panadols. Anyway, the reason why I fell sick was that it started 2 days ago while I was working, there was a whole lot of stocks that came in. So what my colleague and I did was to clean and wipe the packages of bedsheets. I'm not talking about 5 boxes of stocks. It was about 25 boxes!! One thing was that the delivery men actually came past 7pm. And BHG (the shopping mall), closes at 10.30pm. The stocks were so many that even when it's time to close, we still have not finish clearing the bedsheets out of the boxes. There were like 17 more boxes to be cleared. My colleague then told me that we can do it the next day. But guess wat? My colleague actually told me that she have something on in the morning so can only make it in the afternoon. And furthermore, I was to work full shift the next day. Man..She told me to come early to finish wat was not she's an elder, an auntie, I obeyed and went early the next day.

The next day, I got myself at BHG at about 9.45am. My mom thought that I was working at 1pm so she did not prepare breakfast for me. I actually went off to work with an empty stomach. It was then that I continued with the leftover boxes. Main thing is, I have to do it ALONE this time. One frustration was that I had to search high and low for the price tags. The price tags were placed in different plastic bags. It was the auntie who arranged it. Whereby I totally do not know how are they categorize..Anyway, I juz try my best to find the prices. Then when it's 2pm, the auntie came and the stocks were still not yet completed..Other brands' promoters came over and kept asking the same question, "Still unpacking ar?" Man..It was really alot of stocks lei..

Then like I've said why I fell sick because of this is that I had to find the price tags (which is the most time consuming), wipe and clean the packages of bedsheets, place them nicely on the shelves and do the same cycle over and over again. It was 5pm that I actually went for my dinner. So, I basically had an empty stomach since the moment I woke up until 5pm! No wonder I was having a headache and could feel that a fever was coming up.

When I came back from dinner, I still have to finish the last bit of stocks despite that I was feeling extremely weak. And finally, 6.30pm everything was finally done. It took us like a day's time to finish those stocks. Thank God that my colleague brought some panadols, I asked from her as my headache was totally unbearable. I totally do not have the energy to work having the pain up in my head. Without the panadols, I dun think I can maintain that long, I could have collapsed!, I still have a slight headache, hope it will not get worse. So now that you've read my this entry, I believe you will now be smart enough not to work or go out with an empty stomach unless you wanna end up in the same situation as me.


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