Friday, December 28, 2007

Day after Christmas

4.10am now..and I'm trying my best to write an entry for today despite that I'm very tired. Well, today I woke up early for school cause I had to rehearse for my drama play. I thought that I was late as I was supposed to reach there by 10am. Indeed I was but when I got into the class, I was the 5th person who came. Man..haha..should have took my time. Anyway, got there at 10.30am and turns out to be the 5th earliest.

After the rehearsal, I had to go off early. Yeah..again, for work as for those who know me well enough. So work today was slack, there wasn't really much business as it was past Christmas. The shoppers began to decrease and so did our sales. For the whole afternoon till late evening, my colleague and I were chatting away. We were actually making time fly past quickly and also at the same time, waiting impatiently for the stocks to come in. least this time, the stocks that came in were as many as before but this time, I was able to find the price tags effortlessly as I had them categorized before the stocks came. right..So straight away when the stocks came, I started unpacking them and sticking onto them with the price tags. Once again, like I've said it was as many as before and the main thing is that the shopping mall is about to close, it was impossible to finish everything by then. So what we decided was that we'll do it tomorrow. we left at 9.40pm.

I ran off after saying goodbye to my colleague, rushing my way to meet my ex-colleagues. My previous boss actually invited my sis and I (ex-employees of his) to a Christmas celebration at Marina Square K-Box despite that we're not in the company anymore. Ya, so all the way from Tampines, I head to City Hall and to Marina Square K-Box. Man! It was crowded with my frens ( not colleagues anymore..haha..) and the room was so big, there was a pool table and the karaoke songs are projected onto a gigantic screen. Awesome! I had fun there..I thought that no one's gonna welcome me..but I was wrong. Everyone's faces were put up with joys of smiles. It's been quite awhile since I last saw them. It was great when we sang together. Especially when I sang with Ah Rong who I think he's my best singing partner in the room. Surprised I was when after a few moments while I almost finishing a song. My previous boss came! I did not expect him to come and to add on, he was totally different compared to him when he's at work. I believed that he enjoyed himself singing tonight and had fun. He was HIGH! Haha!! I didn't know he could sing that well too..Impressive! Anyway, after that, everybody stopped singing, they only want to hear me sing. In the end, I was like singing more than 15 songs without anyone fighting over with me for the mic. Man..Haha..then Shirley, Hui Jie and their frens were like asking me to sign autographs for them, 合照 with them and wanna get my latest album. They began treating me like their idol.

Man..But I do one day will want to be a singer and of course come out with my own album. Overall, I had fun at the so called "Christmas party", a chance for me to meet up with some ex-colleagues and also a worthwhile moment to spend with them!


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Good words.

November 12, 2008 at 1:47 AM  

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