Sunday, May 30, 2010

Super long nv blog le..-my fren told me

Alright, it's really been super long since I last blogged. Well, after BMT, I've been posted to the Arty as Man. The first 2 months of training was hell. Though after BMT we're already considered Private rank but being a trainee, it's worst than being a recruit. We weren't allowed to use the vending machine to buy drinks and when we have tough exercises or trainings, we aren't given the priviledge to use the washing machines to wash our wet,stinky and dirty clothes. We have to wash them at home. And the 2 months had already past by long ago. Now that I'm officially a Lance- Corporal and getting Gold for my IPPT, passed my SOC and achieved Marksmanship for my ATP, still I have to maintain it. But looks like after the 2 months of training, I'm losing my fitness already. Had been eating quite alot compared to the ratio of the time taken to exercise.

And glad that after the trainings, I've met really cool and trustworthy friends. Been hanging out together for nights out and been playing soccer for like numerous times.Oh ya..and the cool thing is that, often once a month, we get to go for battery outings and they're pretty enjoyable going out together for some games and fun activities. Very unlike going out to play. Sometimes, we get to learn things that I've never learn before. Like going for prawning..and an Indian game at the sentosa beach.

Well,last but not least,I've celebrated my 21st birthday at Downtown East Chalet with all my frens who came. And there has been a series of birthday celebrations coming up. Many to attend..and some that I've missed..So sorry..but will find some time to make it up.Till then!


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