Saturday, July 4, 2009

2 short films that I did! For National Day Short Film Competition

Our Pledge

This short film is considered to be my ever first production based on just using more of visual than on having dialouges in the script to tell the audience what I feel about our National Pledge. Although we may not have notice what our daily routines are like but we have always been living life along with the pledge. Probably because this is the society that we're living here in Singapore.

One People One Nation One Singapore
The Esplanade

I would be surprised if you did not smile at all in this short. However, I really hope I did make you at least giggle. Though this short may be directed by me but the idea of making a "kuso" version production came from Davian. I had been serious all the time. And when he suggested this, I was thinking..hmm..why not? Since I'm able to submit 2 entries. So here it is..An informal short film. Also, a first time doing "kuso".

Let me first elaborate on the first story. The main part of this entire short, is to bring in the first part of the National Pledge "We The Citizens of Singapore, Pledge Ourselves As One United People, Regardless of Race, Language or Religion..." By setting up a mahjong scene, I feel that it would give a sense of togetherness feeling.Although there is a player short, Jing Xiong playing as the owner of the house, managed to get his friend Rajan to come over to his place to play. "Race" comes into place in this scene and to make this "kuso",noticed that the background music(the Indi melody), produced by James Lye, prefectly hit the right spot the moment Rajan came into the picture. And then it ends off by the 4 of them playing mahjong together. Haha..One more thing, not sure if you've noticed. I designed the short in such a way that Kai Wen, Wei Khim and Jing Xiong are speaking in English rather than in mandarin despite they are Chinese. Whereas when Jing Xiong spoke to Rajan on the phone, it was in mandarin. Haha..This is where "language" comes into the picture.

The Esplanade is a skit of 2 architects who just received a new project to build an Arts centre. But they couldn't come up with a design that would bring a common 'thing' or a 'feature' of Singaporeans. You should have watched it with the mindset that Esplanade has not been built. This short was just an assumption of mine of how the design of Esplanade actually came up-an accidental incident which is the fliping over of the durian shell. Haha..Ya...and fitting to the later part of the pledge "To Build A Democractic Society, Based on Justice and Equality, So As to Achieve Happiness Prosperity. And Progress for Our Nation", building Esplanade with a common Singaporeans' feature(which is the durian,as Singaporeans love durians..but not me..) and eventually you see the real Esplanade which means "progress".
There will be votings for the shorts. I will update the links to you again.So do visit my blog.

Special thanks to those who casted in both the shorts.Here are the credits again.

Cast: Davian Teo, Felicia Chua, Jing Xiong, Kai Wen, Wei Khim, Rajan and Eric. Edited by: Ryan Teo
Music by: James Lye (for both shorts).

Those who would be interested to be part of my production as actors/actresses, do drop me a message or leave your contacts under comments. Appreciated.

"There is no small roles. Only small actors."


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