Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First day training at Suntec City Subway.

Ok, I definitely have to blog this down. This is something that I'll never forget and never want to forget in my life. It was the first day of my training at Subway with Zhi Hui together at Suntec City outlet. We reached the outlet in our uniforms but were asked to take a seat for like 20 mins before we begin the training. (20 mins just wasted like that) .

Firstly, it was the introduction of the staff members.. I could only remember the store manager and one of the staff by the name of Brynie (pronounced as Bryan..same pronunciation but different spelling) but anyway, right after that, we were told to really "work" the whole day sia..To me, it's not like a training...Ok, for my case, I'll mentioned later in here..I'll talk about Zhi Hui first, he was asked to be a dishwasher the WHOLE DAY! Man! How can sia?! If it's me, I'll really get exhuasted by it. Wat's more is that, he showed me his bubbled hands..man..It was really too much on the first day..He was thinking of quitting and going back to Friven. Well, he also did cleaning of the dining area and basically everything that is in the kitchen. But guess he got to slack too lah..but complains that he made was that there was this staff that commanded him to do this and that..Zhi Hui was kinda pissed off as on the first day, it is not possible to know so much at one go..

Whereas for me, I was stationed at the front counter. So basically, I had to listen to the customers' orders and make the sandwiches for them. Come on, it's not 1 or 2..it's like 30 in like an hour..I had to remember the type of bread there are, the numbers of vegetables that I have to place in the sandwiches, I had to toast them (and sometimes get burnt by the oven - burnt my fingers) and put the different sauces over them. Sounds easy..u try! So there were like so many different orders of how the customers want to customise their sandwiches, we'll just have to follow their orders..

Haha..Just to share with you if you've never been to a subway or know how to order a sandwich from there. All you have to do is, the moment u queue, u're at the Thru-Put counter. A Thru- Put counter means that u're actually queuing in a way that your sandwich is made from the 1st station to the last station. Station 1 --> Station 2 --> Station 3 --> cashier. So at the first counter, you'll definitely see a sticker pasted on the window pane of the station 1 listing you the 5 different types of bread - Wheat, HoneyOat, Italian, Hearty Italian, Presmegato Oregano(if the spelling is correct) but before that, you should have thought of what sandwich you would like to have-for example: Subway Melt, Subway Club etc. and the size of your sandwich - 6 inch or 1 foot.

Station 2 would be the station whereby the sandwich artist will place the meat slices based on what sandwich you want. Then, he will ask if you would like to have cheese on the top and toast with it. Once done, he will transfer the sandwich over to the third counter for your vegetables.

The vegetables comprises of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pickles, capsicum, olives, spring onions and preserved green chilli. But you can choose which one you dislike. After that, would be the sauces for your toppings. The number of sauces goes like : Honey Mustard, Yellow Mustard, Redwine, Sweet Onions, Mayonise, Southwest, Chilli, Ketchup and so on.. Finally, your sandwich is done and to make payment at the counter.


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