Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Working in Changi Airport and my film

Not many people get the chance to be working at Changi Airport..I mean working INSIDE the airport..LOL! Well, Zhi Hui and Edwin introduced to me the job right after our attachment. The job scope is very simple..Basically, all we have to do is to make sure that we update the anti-virus and that the computers in the transit are fully operational - no hang of computers etc.

I've been working since the 21st of August until today. I pretty enjoy walking around the terminals not just checking out on the computers but also can spend my time viewing at the taking off of the airplanes and OF COURSE!! The air-stewardess! Especially those who are dressed in lime-green uniform (Silk Air) I would just stop at my spot and take my time appreciating them walking across the travelators, the terminals, the dining area ...almost everywhere/anywhere of the airport! LOL! Si bei enjoy it ar..!

Then I got to know of a new friend who is a colleague of the same company lah..He's Ranald...A senior of ours in SP. He really seems to know alot of things...he's very knowledgable..Haha...But the sad thing is that he will be going for his army real soon.. He's been really a great companion in work and there are alot of things that we can learn from him. So far, it's juz me, Zhi Hui, Edwin, Jing Ting and Ranald clig-ing together for our routines, our breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Often we would just stay inside the office doing our own things, playing chinese chess, card games, surfing the net and BEST OF ALL! To watch LAN QIU HUO!! We'll catch it like every week...then after we've watched, we would share what we felt funny about the show etc..It's really a very nice show..Never watch, must go watch k? LOL!

Also, since the show is something about basketball, we would often asked when would be the best time for a Game of Basketball...So far, we have not really confirm on a date that we can...But we'll still plan one to challenge each other..

Ok, filming is going fine so far..probably some inconvenience here and there but evrything is going fine..I do hope that nothing much will affect the ultimate production..After tomorow's filming, I guess my actors/actresses will be having a good rest whereas my producer, my editor and I will be busy editing the film here and there for the next few days before the deadline of submission. Well..pray for me that it will be a good one.. *LoTs oF HoPeS!* =)


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