Sunday, July 20, 2008

Poem: Love held back by a purpose

All day long it was her I thought

So much to tell her but I must not

Kept in my heart pounding non-stop

She's the girl I truely missed alot

Things change rapidly we must adapt

Fashion, trend, craze will soon be fad

Remember we must not be destined to fate

Because this is a world that you can re-create

What that kept men alive are called dreams

Knowing your goal is more important as it seems

We'll work together as one team

And achieve our targets and we'll win!

But there are times that you'll walk alone

Peace and quiet not a single tone

When you're all by yourself in a danger zone

Next you can think of is your home

Remember what were the moments your parents shared

With all the love and laughter to make you glad

So don't cry to yourself and be sad

Cause they are always there for you, your mum and dad!

But life begins and end with death

I worry for them cause I cared

I know my purpose and I'm not scared

For this road will be bitter but I'll start from scratch

Many of you may not have known

Of how fortunate you have owned

Gave up easily as you groaned

That's so despicable, you've not grown!

Think about the future you immature child

Not later, nor tomorrow but right now

Stop acting like an idiot or behave like a clown

For you will be the one letting everyone, your parents and yourself down!


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