Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Check it out at the SHOWDOWN!! MY NAME IS UP THERE!! DAVIAN!! WE WON OURSELVES $200 !!!!! WOW!!!

WOW!!It's so COoL!! Davian..WE JUST WON OURSELVES $200!! See told you it's a good idea..And we should be happy and proud of our production!!Yeah...Guys reading this..Please stay tune on The Showdown..Our production is called 'Hair Cut'. It starts off by me narrating.."Long long time ago, people have no money to cut their hair......."And Davian, my best fren, he did the sounds for both Daren Tan and the other guy..whereas I did for the Paul Twohill role...Our production may be broadcast on stay tuned if u wanna catch it man!!

(We won's my name..dunno why Davian's name not indicated)



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