Friday, May 2, 2008

Labour Day

It's Labour Day! Haha..No work from attachment..Shiok! Basically, went out to meet my friends at 2pm to discuss on songs that we will be singing for our Teenage Icon contest. However, the moment we met, we started SHOPPING!!LOL!! Well, we were shopping for our "costumes" for our performance.

We went Bugis Street passed all the fashion shops over and over again....We managed to get our clothings and accessories. Then I got myself a pair of black and white checkered shoes..a collared shirt from Domanchi and a Cotton Sateen white tie (I've been seraching for it..for many months le..finally got that very tie...)! Yeah!

Then after that..everyone got very tired after shopping..cause one thing is the weather..It's really getting freaking hot..!I was feeling giddy after the shopping..We then headed to MOS Burger where we discuss our song and even sang the song whereby there were so many customers...Our faces all thick-skin..we dun even care about wat they think..we juz sang!Haha...why should we be bothered about how they think about us..Opinions are just like backsides..everyone has it..LOL!

Xin Ni had to go to meet her mum for dinner whereas the rest of us went to the National Library beside Bugis Junction. We did not go in lah..but we got ourselves in an open area and we continued practising for the song..We managed to find out what were the technical issues that we have upon singing the song..There were some notes that we actually sang FLAT though..and we had to get it fixed! Mine was pitching problem..haiz..same as ever..haha..anyway,I will Jia You de!!

7 plus I left for Bing Xiang's birthday celebration. Davian and Darius were already with Bing Xiang. We celebrated Bing Xiang's birthday at Wheelock Palace Fish & Co. Man!!The combo meal that we had was superb! Delicious man!! Then I also got Bings a Domanchi shirt..So nice lor..the packaging bag...same for the shirt..I find that the shirt will be of his need when he's going to have his guitar stage performance..Bings is a guitarist..and he's good in it!I must learn from him sia..But I think I very far from his legendary skills le..

Adriel came along after our dinner..and guess what we did after the dinner..? We watch IRONMAN at Lido Cinema Shaw Towers!!Man...!!!IT WAS FANTASTIC, FABULOUS, THRILLING and ACTION PACKED!! So far the best movie I've watched for this year..So funny lor..Very ENTERTAINING!!

It was a meaningful Labour Day spent! Never did I spend this day so happily..last time used to work but now..think that there's always a time to work and always a time to spend time with your close always don't think of just working...Now then I truely understand the meaning of living happily..!(No lah..Few months back then I was already enlightened..but just that this day made me experience the happiness..) Yeah!


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