Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2nd day for attachment and a special night spent..

Boring and awesome today man!!I tot I was gonna get bored to death cause my job really can make me sleep...I fell asleep quite a number of time but no one noticed..Once again, I got the slackest job of all..You may think that I have the most siing niang job juz because I get to watch TV programmes BUT!!It does not mean that it's interesting..It's not lor..It's interesting and fun if I get to see programmes that I like but for today's tv programmes, all can make me fall asleep..

HOWEVER!!!Why today was awesome because I was brought out on an "excursion". I was with my general manager and my sales manager..Can say that we're getting to know each other better le lah..get to talk more today..(yesterday first day mah..so shy to speak up..I may be guy hor..but there are times whereby need to be shy one hor..like that then can display some of my feminine side of me mah..lol..I'm joking..not gay hor..) I was brought to SIA (Singapore Airlines)!!We're there to plug in all the play sets...but most importantly, it's not about doing our jobs well..The main purpose of us, 3 guys is to..............SEE THE AIR STEWARDESS, in chinese , 空姐!!LOL!!

My sales manager was like saying, " 你知道我们来这里的目的是什么吗?” I have no answer to that question but I expected what he was about to say..“来看美女 lor。。”Then another time was when there was this pretty air stewardess looking curious and asked," Are you using the room?". I replied a no and my GM and I pushed the trolley of our company's products out of the training room and she entered..Then I was saying, "Wah..我们给一个空姐赶出来 lei...” He replied, "You don't feel honoured to get chased out by a 空姐 meh..?"

Diaoz...( “。!)

So fun lor..Get to go to SIA Changi Airport Terminal 3 and especially into the main office of the Airport's new terminal 3. I have some pics below of how T3 looks like...Think Ee Xuan will like one of the shops at T3..The Perfume and Cosmetics Shop!Lol!!It's a pink shop lor..very nice decor of the shop..Sure will attract alot of female customers..

Ok, second part of the day which is after work. It's been quite a while of asking Ee Xuan out for a dinner...Finally tonight we got to meet up for dinner...It was so fun lor..I didn't know Ee Xuan would share with me so much about her 'YE MAN! Stories' ..Haha..That's what she calls it...I believe it was a good start cause it was our first time meeting up for a dinner..Ya..We met at Tampines mrt station and Ee Xuan suggested going AJISEN Japanese Restaurant...It was my first time there...The noodle was so nice lor..I've never tried noodles that were so Q before.. I strongly recommend you guys who are reading this, go and try their food!It's really nice..!

Ok..so during dinner, we chatted all the way..She's the one sharing and I was the one listening....Wah..Really pei fu that there are so many interesting lifestories of hers that she shared with me.. I felt like as if I'm a boring guy..-no life...Lol..So basically, after dinner, we just kept talking and talking and talking..all the way sia...Unbelievable!As we talked, I accompanied her to shops where girls would usually enter...lol..which are the clothing and accessories shops..Then because I guy mah..Know nothing much about girls' stuff then have to 请求 Ee Xuan to teach me what are the comestics used for...ask her why this why that..ask her what she prefer..I was also somehow asking her of her opinions about certain fashion stuffs...Sort of like doing a short-survey to find out more about teenage girls' market...cause I wanna set up my scarf business mah..

Next, it was probably past 9pm..most of the shops in TM were closing..so we decided to head home..Then as a gentleman..it is right to send a girl home mah..dun wanna leave a bad impression to her mah..No lah..Not about bad impression lah..just that I'm really a gentleman lor..I dun let girl go home alone by herself..Anyway, before sending her home, there was still time so we just continued chatting lor..We bought ourselves each a 泡泡茶..hers was Almond milktea..Mine was Blue Coral milktea...wah..thanks to Ee Xuan for being observant...cause the lady almost gave me a grape milk tea instead of Blue Coral...(if not I wun get the anti-biotic medicine taste le..Blue Coral taste like that lor...and I like it.... =) Dun say I'm weird..well..everyone has their own likes mah..)

So we continued talking..shared lots and lots of stuffs...until we had enough of our Bubble Teas..Then it was time to head home..Bid farewell to her when I sent her to her block's lift...

Sad thing is we did not get to take pictures together..But nevermind..all these memories are meant to be kept in our hearts and not on photos..Haha...Ok..till the next time we meet up for pool or movie! Till that day then!


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