Monday, March 17, 2008

Feeling real upset now

Is it fate or wat? Always asking myself why am I in this situation and not like in somebody else's. Anyway, in this entry, I'm juz sharing with you about my family. My dad is the only one working full-time supporting the family. To be honest, he does not earn much for the family or should I say he does not earn enough. My mum stays at home the whole day as a housewife who nags about finance. Overall, I can tell you is that, I'm born in a really poor family. I believe that my parents treat my siblings and I as their source of churning incomes for them. To think about it, THEY JUST SIMPLY NEVER PLAN FOR THE FUTURE! I really hate the traditional ways. Think that when they've become 55 years old, they can get the money from their CPF..IT'S TOTALLY NOT ENOUGH LAH!!AND IT'S NOT A SAVINGS PLAN!

Those who are reading this, no matter if you are in the same situation as me, better than me or worse than me. I really wanna advise that you think about your future, plan for your future and NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN PLAN FOR YOU AND PROVIDE FOR YOU!! AND IF YOU INTEND TO HAVE CHILDREN,PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE ABLE TO SUPPORT THEM AND NOT JUST HAVE IT AS YOU LIKE!! Guess the title of this should not be Feeling real upset now, instead, it should be Something that I'm mad about.



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