Saturday, January 19, 2008

18th January Drama Appreciation Gem Class

Characters from the left to the right:

Hui Min - Kim Leng - Eleen - Raymond - Leonard - Arziz - Me - Justin

Landlady - Tessie - Liz - Bert - Jerry - Crain - Officer 1 - Officer 2

From top left to right then bottom left to right:

Irene doing for lightings

Felicia our costume designer

Yu Ping assisant director

Cherrie sound manager

Pearle stage manager

Ying Zheng our director

It's finally over. Our practises have not gone down the drain rather, they're paid off! Man..Our whole crew had done our best and we felt great about it! But the most saddening thing is when would be the next time that we will meet and act again...?Gonna miss you guys of all the fun.

As for myself, I enjoyed the whole process. Acting wasn't that easy neither was it that difficult. Most importantly, what I felt about acting is that you have to be fully focus in the character that you are playing. Secondly,it would be to make sure that you have memorised your script thoroughly. Thirdly, practise and practise, cause practise makes PERFECT! Yeah!

I would like to thank my group members for the hardwork everyone had put effort into. I hope to get a video of our play so that I can post it here..Haha..for everyone to see..


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