Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1st of January The Start Of The New Year 2008

Hi there everyone! Happy new year to all of you! I'm feeling so good today after a wonderful time spent with friends that I have not met for a long time. The first meeting was with my primary schoolmates..although they're not in my classmates but schoolmates, I still recognise them so did they remember me..I was surprised that it's been like 5 years after primary school that we finally met again. I dunno who to thank..maybe the organiser of the meeting..if not, it must be God who made these all happen.

We met at Cosy Bay which was at Kallang juz beside the Kallang Indoor Stadium. We thought that it might be awkward for us to actually meet primary schoolmates who are not our classmates and so were some friends of their polies (polytechnics). However, it turns out well when we joked towards one another making the situation less tense..Everyone was very friendly..We sat down on our chairs but having no orders on our table!Hahaha..so Pai Seh lah.. Not even a drink except for Eric's primary school classmate who was also mine, Carmen, she was the only one with a drink. Then we were awaiting for the countdown.

When the second-hand of the clock finally stroke 12am, everyone gave their best wishes with handshakes and hugs. Well, we did not manage to see the fireworks but the main thing is that we get to make new friends. It was after the countdown, knowing that we did not order anything, we juz left quietly..haha..hope that nobody noticed..and we headed Geylang for supper.

After supper, we at first wanna make our way to somewhere whereby we can rest and chat but my group of friends and I walked in a slower pace than the others and in the end, we found out that they actually got tired and decided to head home. But as for us, we headed Macdonalds which was somewhere near Wee Ping and my area..We sat and chat until when Sze Kai and Claire came along.

Man..It's been a very very long time since I last saw Sze Kai..The moment when he stepped into Macdonalds, I couldn't recognise him..neither could he recognise me..Lol!But when we finally found out who we are, we found out that we've changed over the years. Whereas for Claire, she's still the same..maybe grown much prettier..Her eyes were still as beautiful as before. Anyway, the rest juz went off home whereas I stayed behind as I wasn't really feeling tired. And three of us juz sat there for hours chatting about our past memories. It was hilarious when Claire feels that I'm not her classmate and sometimes I thought that Claire wasn't at the scene when I was sharing something in the past which I thought she was. Guess our memories are not really that good..Haha..Whereas for Sze Kai...still about the same as before...to me, he's still a very funny person who can crack jokes anytime. Haha..I was laughing away! Then it was like past 6am that we finally bid goodbye to each other..

Man...Hours were really spent worthwhile during the night. I did confess somethings that I did that hurt someone in the past..Kept it in my heart,felt guilty about it and decided to open my mind and share with them...I was glad that I managed to bring my thoughts out to them or else it'll be juz there in my heart and of course, I wouldn't want to live the start of the new year, still having a guilt in me. And for now, I shall wanna thank everyone that came on that day and made the day a beautiful start of year 2008!


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