Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Corner Where Exams Are Around - Exams are round the corner

Ok..Heard compliants that my blog is long-winded, so decided to at least give this a short one..Haha..I believe most of us, in SP, are probably feeling stressed about their coming exams, so am I. But juz before the exam week, we're already stressed by the many assignments that we need to hand up for this week. I wish everyone to take good care of yourselves. Don't be stressed so much about it. Take it slowly..But of course complete on time. Work out your schedule. Eat fast, bathe fast, shit fast, do our homework fast then like that we can fully utilise our time. And if u agree with what I've juz mentioned, then may I ask, why are u wasting ur time reading this?You should be using this time to revise your work?Don't tell me you've already done so..Unless you telling me you can get full marks for all the modules.Haha..Anyway, to all, best of luck! And God bless everyone for the coming exams. SP means Sure-Pass! =)


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