Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Past

Well, since this blog is about my lifestory so should write something about my past.

I was borned on 0028h in Thomson Medical Centre. I weighted 2.98kg, my length was 51cm and my head circumference was 34cm. Compared to think I'm that small anymore. Haha..

I grew up with my grandparents, parents, a year later with my sis and another 3 years later, my brother. Haha..I'm the eldest among my siblings. We stayed in a 3-room HDB estate. Imagine 7 people under one roof of a 3-room flat..It sure is squeezy. But it was after when we grown up, my grandparents moved to my Uncle's place. And that time, my siblings and I would be complained by the ones staying one level below us . We stay on the 11th level, their is on the 10th level. Reason why we always received complains from them was because in the evening, we would take out our "mini cars" and "drive" around the living room. Man! Can't believe it eh..?I'm not joking..serious..Our house is already small enough but we actually have the space to move about with those big toy cars that we can sit in them. Impressive eh?

Haha..But when we got those complains, the fun was asked to be stopped. Sad eh..?But this time, we were smart enough to use the corridor..Hahaha!But again, we got scoldings from those staying on the same level. Cause early in the morning, about 9am, we will take out our toy cars and drive all the way to the end of the whole corridor and all the way back, to and fro. It's like doing wake-up calls for the whole stretch of neighbours..Guess my vehicle was an ambulance..LOL!!Sure was fun..!

Tell you guys 2 secrets which I kept for all times, hardly share these with anyone. Well, this 1st secret of mine is that..I actually cried (cry in a way whereby it's everyday in school) from nursury, K1 and K2. For the whole of 3 years in Kindergarden, I cried throughout. Guess I kinda made myself famous in front of the teachers and the students..I even met the principal in the office..but that was when she asked of me to "visit" her. Haha..See..not many of you can be requested by the principal to come to her office except me..some dun even know who is the principal..Haha...!!

Why I was asked to see her was because she probably heard the teachers saying that I'm uncontrollable from stopping my tears..So she was like speaking nicely to me by asking me why I was crying all the time. Well, come to think of it now, I cried was because I missed my family..I do not know how to make frens so there wasn't anyone close to me. But that's OF COURSE, cause who would wanna be frens with a cry-baby..?!

I still recall about having my parents beside me during those days and still with my habit of crying..I was totally not with my classmates(I was with my parents, my classmates were doing some handicrafts), my parents and I would sit at the side of the classroom where the window panes were so rusty. I remembered there was once whereby my mom and dad took me out of the class to the nearby 'ma-ma shop' (the class was actually still having lesson) to buy toy guns for me to stop myself from crying. It did work! (But not for long) Cause the moment, they brought me back to the class, spent a few minutes until my crying stopped (cause concentrating on playing the toy guns), when they told me that they'll be leaving me..Again!I started crying!Haha..!!!Guess my parents would feel kinda "bieg chiek"(irritating..) Haha..But that was when I was in Kindergarden lah..Now seldom cry le..

2nd Secret
Primary 2, I met with an accident. Lucky it was a minor accident. But if I were to tell you that I was knocked down by a motocycle, would u think that it's minor?No right?Haha..but it really was a bike accident. Juz that why it was a minor case was because I was knocked down by the motorcycle coming out of the carpark, so the impact wasn't that much, I can recall myself rolling on the road (about 6 revolutions) after the knock but only suffered some scratches. I thought I would have died. Know wat?One funny thing was that I can get up so quickly and RAN all the way back home! It's like the motorcyclist can juz simply walk away from his responsibilities but he even scolded me for not ensuring that the road was safe enough to cross. Hey..come on..I'm juz a kid...

The place of accident was the roadway beside my neighbourhood library which is also beside my HDB. By the time, I reached home, I could feel my body having all the adrenalines produced almost went to shock state. My parents happened to be at home, maybe it was a Sunday. My dad did a check on me, found some slight cuts on my arms but it was very minor cuts. Later, he pulled my pants down and check the .................. Which was so embarrassing, my frens' moms were in the scene of the 'no-curtains-checkup'. Then my dad made the remark after the full body checkup, " least ThErE is alright." least tHeRe is alright but my heart at that time is not, I was flashed! So how can I be alright?!

As you guys have known, I stayed in a 3-room flat, so you should have guessed I'm not borned with a silver spoon. On top of that, my dad is the only sole-breadwinner. His salary wasn't really that much for the 7 mouths to be fully fed. This led me to recall about myself when I was in Primary 4. During primary 4, there was this popularity of boy bands like Backstreet Boys, Westlife, A1 and my favourite of all, N'sync! You may be asking why I mentioned that I'm not rich linking to this primary 4 boy band times..well, here's the thing, there were many songs that I liked from these bands. One of the songs,"It's Gonna Be Me" by N'sync, I love it so much but because I do not have the money to buy their cds, I would listen it from the radio and sometimes from the tv( you know those MTVs).But more from the radio.

I sleep on the upper deck of my double-decker bed. Then I would have a portable radio beside me..My sis sleeps on the lower deck. Because I dun have the money to buy the cd, so I would wait patiently for the song to be broadcast on the radio. Sometimes when I actually fell asleep but the song was played, I naturally wake up, listen to it and after hearing, go back to sleep..Haha..That's how I liked the song so much!But later got money so did not do something so foolish like that to actually waste so much of my sleeping time.

Alright,that's all for now.. I'm going to stop here for now. If there's time, I'll blog more interesting things that I experienced.


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