Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gotta update my blog or else will grow fungi..

Alright!3 papers down..1 last one to go! But regarding about the recent paper I took which was Maths, it was a killer. Zhi Hui, I'll be with u to forward that module..Well,anyway, it's over juz pray that a miracle will happen. Must pray everyday, go church, seek for forgiveness and must read the bible from first page to the last page making sure that we know when it was being published and who are the authors and publishers..haha...juz to cover up for our Maths paper..Come to think of it..it's really alot to do juz for that miracle to happen...Hope it will..

Well, I haven't been posting any entries ever since 18th Jan. Alright, juz to update you guys. I'm doing fine...juz that I have to manage my finance for now. Serious stuff to do now..No joke..It's really time for you guys to grow up and not sit down on ur comfortable chair and keep finding if there's any faults or typo errors that I might make in my blog every week..(Haha..Joking...But I dun think there's any errors so far ba...Haha..I got check one hor..) Time to think of your future, what you wanna be and do when you completed NS, for girls, after education...During the holidays maybe should pick up some courses and improve ourselves and not slack at home juz because it's holidays. Eventually, you'll find fungi on urself..if you simply do nothing.

Okay..haha..maybe I'm getting alittle too serious ba..Ok..well,something to share with you guys out there..I met a new fren..Juz got to know her few days ago..And I really do hope we can get along well as frens..Really do..You may ask how I got to know her but I'm not gonna tell...haha..but I may reveal it when our frenship gets stronger..Alright...That's all folks! Heez..!


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