Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Working for the whole month

Man..I've been working for the past 3 days from 8am to 10.45pm. Seriously need to work sia..if not, no money to spend in the 'new year'. Haha..anyway, it's holidays for us as SP students so can focus on earning money at this point of time..I dun wanna rot at home doing nothing. Thought of exercising but no one to accompany and also not much time.

Today was so busy at work, it was like one customer after another. Then have to write memos, write until from neat wordings, later cursive and after that, scribbling..Haha..But at least can still decipher what was written when I went through them regarding the sales-of-the-day. Heard that on the 初三 of Chinese New Year, if got go work, the company will be paying $9 per hour!!Wow!On top of that, the shopping mall that I'm working in, will be giving all sales-personales an ang bao each when entering the staff entrance..LOL!!

Alright,that's for now..


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