Monday, March 3, 2008

I miss her..

Group Photo (Alamak!Why got gap between she and I...?) Just the two of us!
Gift for her
Photo taken with Auntie Cat

These ladies are at 30% OFF!
While Stocks Last!
Are the Aunties crying?
Ok, 2 are going for 30% off and one is going for 20% off many DISCOUNTS sia!!

It's been 3 days since I last saw her. She must have been busy. Can anyone please tell me whether if I should continue to chase after her despite that she already has a boyfriend? Or is it too cruel to do so to break up both of them who are already in love? I'm in a dilemma right now. Need help badly.

She planned to get married at the age of 25. That leaves me 4 years to get myself to be successful in my career. Right now, I just feel that I'm inferior to her boyfriend. I do not know much about her boyfriend whether if he truely love her and cares for her. For me, I just feel that I can do almost anything for her and make her happy.

It's saddening to know that she's already attached and it is so late that I got to meet her. I do thank God for having her appear in my life but I do find that it's unfair that her boyfriend got to meet her first. Well, what's done is already done and it's happening. All I can do is to make my mark asap and I really do hope that a miracle could happen.


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