Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Her Smile

Well, still the same, working once again. However, for this entry, despite that it's something about work,one thing interesting is that I met this girl, her name is Doris. Promoter of a Japanese biscuits company. The very first day when she came, she caught my attention. Eh..but I did not approach her straight away.

Well, for her, she has a neat set of teeth which is very white. Wat's more is that..the moment when she smiles, wah..can really melt ur heart. My heart was kinda melted though..haha..So on the first day, I did not approach her but I got to know her name. How lei? Haha..well..it happened that she was heading for lunch, as for me, I was 3 minutes before her. So it's like, we have to get through this staff entrance then we have to write our names down and the timing that we leave the selling floor, her name was juz above mine so got to found out her name lor..

I was hoping to talk to her that day but because I was working full shift, she actually left at 8pm. Aww..So missed the chance to break the ice with her. So I hoped for the next day that she'll come. But she did not, instead, her friend turned up. Her fren's name is Cindy. I only approach her when she was knocking off at 8pm. I went down the escalator and ya..talked to her. She was very sweet to chat with, the conversation was really short cause she was meeting her family for dinner so only chat until a certain distance but it was really nice chatting with her. Knew somethings about her too. It was her last day at work under the company, that was wat she told me. Glad to have met a fren like her.

On the third day, Doris came for work. It was in the morning 11am that she came, I was earlier than her cause I had to do some shelves cleaning. It was a Monday so there wasn't many customers or should I say, totally no customers who wants to buy anything at that hour. So I took up my courage and approach her. I prayed very hard that I will not frighten her...cause I'm a stranger to her mah..then somemore it's like walking from behind, towards her..cause my counter was behind hers, so she as a promoter, her back was facing me., dun wanna scare her.

The conversation with her was like on and off..Haha..why I say that was because I was talking to her and at the same time observing my counter to see if there will be any customers pop by, if so, I had to run back to serve them. Haha..Ya..run..cause the distance away from my counter to hers was quite a distance. I actually saw a pack of sweets that she was selling which attracted my attention and felt like trying it. So bought 2 packs and shared them with the aunties around my counter (aunties selling bedsheets too but from other companies). Then one funny thing is that the aunites when they tried the sweet, they found something within it which was unlike any other particular sweets sold in supermarkets. I actually asked Doris to come over and kinda ask her to promote her product to them. It was actually a melon seed in the sweet, that's why there was some crunchyness in it. Haha..

After knowing what was inside, the aunties actually made some jokes. Jokes that made Doris and I so Pai Seh lah...Especially me..!!I think my face almost went red. They were like asking if she has a boyfriend..asking so many things at one go..The aunties know that I'm single then shared it to her..They can be match-makers le lor..Wah the way they say was really fantastic, I was impressed. Cause after one auntie made her comment, the other made hers. It's like taking over one anothers' lines lor..Haha..But Doris replied that she already has a boyfriend, so she's attached..ya..so I guess can only be friends with her then. Well, if can't be together then frens would be better....But still, the aunties are really good in match-making!

Well, sad thing to know is that Doris' counter will be over on this coming Friday. Really feeling sad to not see her again after that at work. Someone whom I can chat freely with and from quite a far distance to approach her and talk to her, to keep her away from boredom cause she's alone and there wasn't really anyone talking to her. Maybe that was my purpose that God planned for me and to be fated to meet a fren like her. =)


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