Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Birthday!

It was my birthday yesterday..11th April! Before you continue to read what's below..I would like to thank people who have wished me Happy Birthday and also to the many who have celebrated with me!

I had fun last night! Especially with Felicia, Xin Ni, Juliet, Sandy, Yi Da, Kenny, Eric, Rui Qi, Mao Shan and Wai lreng at Party World last night! I did not expect that they will be so ON in organising karaoke at Party World..Thanks to Felicia..told her that I want to sing.

It was impromptu. Felicia asked me to meet her after her work at Paragon Party World. However, we did not go there. Instead, Felicia and I went all round town in search of karaoke room..LOL!

It was a Friday so I believe many people do not have to work on the weekends, so they probably take Friday night to enjoy themselves to some entertainment at karaokes or movies. So because of this, many of the karaoke rooms were fully booked..ya..that's what happened at Paragon Party World. Then we went to Cuppage (a place where I went there for the first time, there also have Party-World). Same thing, no vacany for a group of 11 people. But it was lucky that the manager contacted another outlet situated at Lido and there was a room just nice for us. We made a reservation first then made our way there. So can you imagine walking from SOMERSET --> DOUBY GHOUT then DOUBY GHOUT -->SOMERSET --> ORCHARD...walking to and fro. It was like as if having an expedition. It was fun lah..I wasn't unhappy about it..Well, got to chat with Felicia along the way. Felicia really went all out just for it to happen. Really thank her for that because she is my UL mah..LOL..We were perspiring lor..after the long walk.

Ok...then it was kinda weird as in we booked a room so big but just Felicia and I were there..The room looked so empty lah..It was then that Wai Lreng, Yi Da, Mao Shan and Rui Qi came in after awhile..Ok..then things started to get alittle surprising..We sang and I noticed that Wai Lreng really sang superb nice!!Not tee-uping him man...It's really true!!Wah..I think there's alot I have to learn from him about singing...Must target myself to reach his standard..Besides him, everyone sang very well too! I was very impressed by everyone's vocal..Everyone can sing man..!

Then after an hour or so, Sandy, Eric and Kenny came and joined us. We sang...until when Rui Qi started talking to me...(I wasn't expecting anything) she just wanted to lure my attention while the rest went out to bring in the birthday cake. Indeed, I was very surprised!

After making my wishes and blowing the candles, I can't believe that I was asked to pick up all the candles just by using my mouth, no HANDS! Man..! But the main motive of them is not really on picking up the candles, but slamming my face onto the cake....And yes..............they did! It was my first time being smashed onto a cake...It was really fun man!!Everytime I thought that Birthday cakes are meant to be eaten but this's meant for SMASHING!!Hahaha!!I have never experienced that before, it was my first time!!

We "ton-ed" the whole night at Party World and later at Macdonalds until the train service started.

I believe everyone had alot of fun..though we're tired but we had a wonderful time together..Once again, thanks for making a small wish of mine come true to have a karaoke session with everyone at EM. God bless you guys and girls! =)


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