Monday, April 7, 2008


What is love? Actually, I myself can't define what love is. Basically, I feel that to love others, you have to start off by loving yourself first.

How do you love yourself? Do you keep yourself clean at all times by making sure you bathe everyday?Do you feel that you're good-looking when you face the mirror or do you think that you're ugly?Take for an example, who is the first person you'll look at when you're seeing a group photo having you in it?('ll probably look at the guy or the gal whom you like lah..if he or she is in the pic but usually, you'll look at yourself to see if you appeared pleasant in the photo, right?) Another thing is, will you tatoo yourself? Tatooing may seem to be decorating yourself but I would not want to do that. Cause, don't you think that God has given you a natural beauty and why would you want to spoil His creation?

Secondly, love your family. How to love your family members? Do you spend time communicating with them? Share your thoughts and give support to them. Your parents have spent years, taking care of you so shouldn't you take care of them in return?It's just some simple thoughts of calling them,asking them if they had their dinners,if not, offer to buy food back for them. Sometimes when they've fallen ill, be there for them, say what you mean to them and mean what you say to them. It would be best to say "I Love You" to your family members but how many of you do that? I can say that there are some who will but do you mean it from your heart or are you just telling them you love them for the sake of letting them know? I know some said it from the heart. I'm not saying that you're wrong. However, there are some who are shy to say "I Love You" to their parents..(actually I belong to this group of people..) But!!It does not mean that you don't love them. It's just that you do not know how to express the love you have for them in words...ya..Haha..Well, for me, I just feel that just by doing any little and simple things with a kindred spirit, it will instil the love from you to your love ones..

Thirdly, after doing the 2 things that I've mentioned earlier which is to love yourself and your family, it is only then that you can love others..How can you say that you love your girlfriend/boyfriend if you do not know how to love yourself and your family members? You are the closest to your family the love for them should be more than you loving your boyfriend/girlfriend..

Another point I would like to make would be that...You must dare to love. If she is the one for you, just tell her. If you like him, tell him. If not, he or she will never ever know...And when you regret, it's too late for you even if you were to cry.

Basically,this is what I feel about love. How about you? =)


Blogger Ritergal said...

Ken, you sound like an Old Soul. These are wise words from one so young. Blessings upon you as you spread love around your world.

April 7, 2008 at 11:19 PM  

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