Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting back with my frens

I took 2 days off. And during these days, I had a wonderful and meaningful time spent with my very true friends who have been with me all these while. I seemed to have neglected them due to work. Now I finally realise that it's no use working so much. Your boss is actually buying your time to work for him. So ya..I feel that I'm finally enlightened.. and I want to get out of this rat race that seems to me that everyone is in..

Ok,well, on the first day, Darius, Eric, Davian, Adriel and I went for steamboat for our dinner at somewhere further down from Bugis Junction. Man..I've not eaten alot for so long..Got squids, golden mushrooms, nuggets, 炸馒头( my favourite), crabs ..just ALOT lor..And basically, we just eat whatever we taken and we finished almost everything. While we were enjoying the meal, we shared alot of stuffs, mostly are our past days in school and also our current situtation like say what we've been doing etc..

After steamboat, Darius left home early and the rest of us went to Eric's house for some alcohol. Haha..I'm not a drinker but well, it helps in the blood circulation though..I did not drink much but I had some. Hee..I dun wanna get drunk that's the thing..but at the same time also thinking whether my liver will spoil anot..LOL..

What's interesting is that we started having some ghost stories...but before that, what I was impressed was that Adriel actually knew how to read the palms.And can you imagine everyone just stretches out our palms for him to see as soon as we knew he could..Man..thank god he did not charge us for the lah..kidding..Frens mah...where got charge money one..Haha..Whereas for ghost stories, we shared our experiences of being pressed down by something. Adriel said that it could be possible that a demon is sitting on us at that point of time. For my experience is that I could not move at all..I could not even make a sound. I tried to scream but just no sound came out from my mouth. I did not know what to do..I just try to scream out whatever I can..and at the same time, praying to God asking him to remove that "thing" away from me..God right away saved me and I could start moving..Cold sweat just went over my whole body and my hair were at their ends. It sure was scary..But some say that it was the body being too tired but the mind is working finely and some say that it's the continuous rotation of the eyeballs..Well, I dunno which is true but sure was scary and that was my first time, I wouldn't want a second!

Next was when we talked about De Javu..I believe everyone of us has experienced De Javu before. De Javu for some who do not know, it's like you actually seen this particular scene maybe in your dreams before and it happened to you in real life. I believe that it is actually the power of our minds that can allow us to foresee the future..but it's just that we are still incapable of enhance the hidden power of our brain..Eventually, there will be a day whereby such phenomenon will be uncovered. And Man will continue its evolution.

On the second day, Eric, Adriel and I went for a jog. Man! I used to be a cross-country runner and I won 1st prize in my school's Cross Country 5Km Run for the consecutive 2 years. However, when I tried running today, I was totally exhausted..Really cannot compare with my stamina last time. I used to be skinny k? Now everyone say that I'm fat..No lor..I'm not fat..I look fat to you is because you've seen me skinny in the past..right now, my size is average..Haha..But still, I think there's some weight coming on up in me if I do not start exercising..Man..What a tiring day after the run.

Oh ya..Actually told Ee Xuan that I'll be going City Hall for some shopping but found out that my friends were meeting for a jog so ya..I forget the idea of shopping, instead went to join my friends for an exercise. Yeah! Healthy Lifestyle..!

But tmr's back to work..Sianz... =(


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