Wednesday, April 2, 2008

After a haircut

Woah..I'm not being superstitious but ever since I cut my hair, things did not really turn out fine for me. My colleague, an auntie, actually told me that the day that I had my haircut was an inauspicious timing cause during these days it's whereby people will go to the cemetry to 扫墓, so not really a good timing for a haircut. Well, I did not believe though but I just went for it during my lunch time while I was working. Haha..

When I came back from the haircut, everyone was very surprised. In the morning I had my long hair but when I got back from lunch, my hair totally changed. And that really attracted alot of the staffs' attentions. I believe especially the girls...Haha..I really like my hairstyle right now! It's so cool lah..! When I'm in office, everyone was like saying I look much better compared to my long-hair appearance. And I think I would want to go back to the same hairstylist for the next haircut...He's really good...Very experience. During the whole process of cutting my hair, the hairstylist was using this metal blade which has curve blades like teeth and he will grab my hair and slice my hair like as if peeling an apple. That was the first time I see a hairstylist using that "metal piece". Totally impressive!I would really hope that nobody would say that I look like a girl anymore..lah..this is the most important thing..Lol..!

Anyway, why I said that things did not turn out fine was that I had a few appointments with my friends but turned out that all the appointments were to be cancelled. Haiz..All those last minute changes just made me waste so much of my time. So to those who are reading this entry now, please utilise your time wisely and when you have already fixed a timing for an appointment, make sure you go according to it and not change like anyhow..Cause this would show that you are not good at managing your time not just for yourself but to others they can tell that you do not cherish your time.

However,overall of all these, there is still one appointment that is still under - pending..Haha..not really an appointment ba..Maybe just an outing with Ee Xuan...I waited for her reply whether if she's able to go out with me but looks like she slept. Well, nvm..maybe she's very tired for the day. I hope to see her reply the moment I wake up early in the morning..


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