Monday, April 14, 2008

First Day for Attachment...


Woke up very early in the morning to prepare myself for attachment. Actually I do not have to wake up early de..but just because I do not know where is the company, so planned to set off early in case I can't find the company. Ok..When I first arrived to the building..Man..Three words came to my mind - "OH MY GOD!!??" joke...My pics can prove it to you...The whole building is like so torn down..The ground level was like so dirty LOR..Then the lift..ok..thank God there's no pee in it...But it's worst than the amount of space for a toliet cubicle..So small lor..I think 4 people inside can suffocate to death liao..

I managed to get there before 9am (the time I'm supposed to report), then I was like one blur-cock go to and fro to the front door, then the back door and again....It was until when I decided to open one of the doors, then saw a huge load of cardboxes/product stocks.. and the store keeper approached me and told me that the rest of his colleagues have not asked me to go canteen for some snacks first..But the thing is.....where the hell is the canteen whereby today is my first day?!Lol...!The guy only know how to point..and guess wat? I managed to find the canteen despite that the guy did not point in the correct direction for

Ok..I was saying that the building was so run-down but upon entering the office, man...It was so different from what was outside..Inside was with air-con..a big plasma tv and of course the small work area just nice for everyone..But the work assigned to me can actually bored me to death...I was assigned to make use of the user guide and go through for once to see if I, pretending as a customer, will I be able to troubleshoot it myself...It turns out that the user guide was indeed useful and simple to understand.. After lunch came back and continued the user guide...Haha..can say that I have the slackest job for the day...because the product that I'm testing out is actually a channel receiver of high definition..then basically,I have to scan for the like for example Channel 5, Channel 8 and EVEN TVmobile!

TVmobile really made my day to be lively..Cause I happened to watch Back to the 70s tv drama by Gumit Singh..So..while I was doing a channel scan, I actually watched the whole episode!!Man..shiok lah..Then the others were like busy with their work lor..After that, I was assigned to do some file tranfer to 12 hardisks!!Man..One transfer would take me 8 mins...let's calculate for 12 hardisks, 12 X 8 = 96mins = 1hr 36mins...Wow!I can actually count how much of my time is being wasted...Think they'll be jealous of me..and they probably might give me more work to do tmr..since I'm so relaxed today..Next week need to sweat like pig liao..Cause my manager told me that next week have stocks need to transport..Kaoz...Looks like my xiing niang days are gonna be over.. Better hope for tmr..

Kaoz.. Wah Kaoz... Wah lau... So many stocks?! Nothing's there......But getting the creeps despite that it's early in the morning.... The Haunted Lift AHHH!!!GHOST!!!!IT'S OPENING BY ITSELF!!! Kaoz...This is smaller than a toliet cubicle... Die...I'm gonna die here...I dun wanna die argh......!!! Alamak!Which floor am I at now?!Dun bring me to the 8th dimension lei... Wait....and wait....and wait... So high lor..Now getting phobia Ok...This is more like it....Got air-con...Plasma TV.... Snazio!The company's product *Gong* Wah...Hardworking sia..
Haha...I know how to spend my time wisely..Instead of just looking at the transfer rate..Might as well grab someone else's book and read...Just happened its my favourite Russel Lee Singapore Ghost Stories...(Why that person left it there ar?Oh my..Scarly the place that I'm working in now hor..maybe there's an entry mentioning on my company...KAOZ..I'm really going to die...!!DUN WANT!!)


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