Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Worked like a dog today..

My siing niang days were really over...And it only lasted for 2 days..Damn down sia..Now have to work like dog..First 2 days watch tv too much then now my colleagues taking back at me..No lah..Haha..They are very nice people to me de..Just that today the whole day I was helping them out carrying stocks...

Cause our office will be shifting to Ubi!!Wah..everyday like very happening lor..I learnt so much these few days...And I tried out one of the company's products..It was a karaoke mic...Not an ordinary mic but a mic whereby u can store ur karaoke songs in it..Impressive man..Some more can display ur score after you sang..And guess wat?!My manager asked me to try it out..and I REALLY DID TRY IT!!I sang in the OFFICE!!!Even my CEO was at his desk lor..I dun care..I just sang..I love singing mah...So dun care...Best of all...I sang not even half of the song,' Remember Me This Way' from the movie Casper, I scored 76!!!Impressive eh?!Haha...

Then after testing the mic, the whole afternoon was shifting, arranging, packing and moving all the company's stuffs..Actually can knock off work at 6pm ...then everything dragged till 7 plus...Lucky I wore a t-shirt today..Or else I'll get heatstroke by then lo..Very hot lor..


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