Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm CookinG!!

Ok..Here's a question, you can only asnwer yes or no..Who enjoys cooking?So it's a yes or a no...Dun take such a long time to think lah..Just say it from your heart...The moment you are posted this question, what is the answer that first came to you?I believe alot would say,"YES!!" Right?Haha...Ok...Whereas for some who answered, "No.." Those who answered, "No.." Yeah..!You're just like me..We don't enjoy cooking..but we enjoy eating what is cooked..!Yeah..Haha..Gotcha for those who answered, "YES!!"

Basically, just want to share with you a ReCiPE!!Can't wait to find out more? Take a look at my pics and I'll show ya! And hope you will like it...It's easy to do! And I believe you'll like it as I do..Haha..But for those who dislike CheEZe then sorry lor..Cause my recipe is especially for Cheese Lovers! I call this dish, ' SaY ChEeSE!!'
Searching for ingredients..Ham...I got a big maybe for you the slices instead..I just wanna show my cutting skill to you all only..*show off* Crack 3-4 eggs..(Dun bother about High-Cholesterol lah..Just eat as I Use one hand lah...!See you can anot.. Now...Stir it well... Make sure you wash your frying pan..k Less oil...Not so much..
Now..Pour the egg onto the frying pan..
Now..Pour the cut slices of ham on top of the egg..
Make sure they are spread out evenly..
Now..The best part...Placing of the cheese..

Make sure your fire is not at the maximum..Do not have to use a strong fire..If not, your egg will get burnt.
TA DA!! 'SAY CHEESE!!' is done!!You should trying cooking it too..It's damn delicious especially with the cheese...I hope you'll enjoy this meal! Jia you! Feel free to post your comments regarding about this dish..I'll be happy to see your feedbacks..
Photographer: Chang Xiu Mei (my sister)


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