Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fourth day at Attachment feeling so bored le..Imagine I have to go through this for 4 months...

I'm feeling very lethargic now..I think I can't stay long in my workplace..but bo bian..!!It's poly attachment..Haiz...Down sia!Somemore, my colleagues are all the full-timers there..Then dun have polymates with me at all..I'm the only one...Anyway, wat's worse is that I was told to come for work on Saturday to shift stocks..Man..!This is not the five-day work week that I'm told it would be..

Ok, dun talk about attachment le..Just have to live with it for the next 4 months and I hope everyone can pray for me that the days will quickly go away..Well, today's entry I just wanna pen down my thoughts that's all..

Erm..What should I do when I know that a gal's heart was stolen away by a guy and it was then that he stopped having contact with her? I can tell that she still love him very much cause when she and I were walking around TM and CS, I noticed that she was looking for him..Yup..I observant right?Haha..Aiya..Juz that I know that she has an affection for him..cause everytime she will mention to me..Well, I wanna help her though...So anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this?

What I feel is that...there are actually other guys who are much better..example: the one who typed this entry lor...haha...joking...hmm...definitely there are nicer guys de..But these nicer guys I've known of, they are very it's quite hard to really find a guy that can really take care of the girl..So...Gals out there, make sure you really find the right guy..if not,once married, dun regret once you've made the decision..


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