Thursday, May 1, 2008

Davian and I are taking part in the Showdown contest!!

Yeah man!!I've just sent our video entry to mediacorp. It says that the contest ends on 1st May ..not sure if I missed the deadline but anyway..we hope we could win the contest. We really took out our time in the middle of the night to do it. Then we were also having hell lots of fun when we were cracking our brain juices to think of something comical...Finally!!We came up with the production and I believe there is a high chance that we will win..!!We really hope that our efforts will pay off..So to you out there..Do catch The Showdown on Channel 5 begins 8th May Thursday at 8pm!!You may get to see our video and I believe you guys will enjoy laughing it out!!LOL!!Serious..!!Davian and I were laughing continuously after the whole production...We were so tired after the whole process..but man! IT'S WORTH IT!!

Btw..our showcase's title is Hair Showdown. I know it sounds lame but we just anyhow think of the is the contents and sound effects that you should be looking out for..and the starting goes with me being the narrator...saying: Long long time ago...People have no money to cut their hair.....Ya..So the moment you hear this..yeah..It's our production!!Give support k? And I just can't wait to watch it on TV!! God bless this film!! =)


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