Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taking a medical leave from work..

Panadol, cough tablets, flu tablets and cough mixture

I juz got back from my nearby Polyclinic. The waiting time was extremely long but lucky I knew how to make use of my time, I took the queue number, went to the hawker centre to get my mum and myself lunch, went home, bathe and then ate my favourite Yong Tau Foo and went back to the clinic..Haha..Juz nice..It was my turn..

At first, the clinic gave me the impression that the waiting time for consultation will take an hour or two..But today..they seemed to be very efficient. It was 3 patients away to my turn..Damn fast lor..But while I was waiting, I was like continuously going to the toliet to blow my nose..cause the mucus juz keep flowing..Really like the tap hose which needs a stopper.

When I got to see the doctor..She was like so professional lor..She just asked a few questions, did some 'Open-Mouth-Say-Ahh' and ' Inhale Exhale' exercises on me and started prescribing me the medication..But most importantly, when she asked if I need an MC, I gave a firm 'Yes..' Haha..

Ok..Got to the Pharmacy...ok..this is the funny part..The pharmacist was a guy.. He think he very dua pai..I considered him as smartalac..When he called for my name, as I approached to him,he asked.."You having flu ar?" In my mind I was like, "OF COURSE LAH!!If not, will you be holding my flu medication..?" LOL!!Anyway, he then told me how to take the medication as in like twice a day,this will cause drowsyness all that..But the thing is..he acting as a smartalac mah right..Then the way he said was like bullet-train...Cause he experienced mah..Know the drugs very well..that's why he said until damn fast..but think about those old folks..or some other saying so fast..does he ever think that they can absorb just as fast?I doubt so..Thank God just now my brain was still working even though I'm damn weak..Now also very weak sia..But I will pull through!!I can't be defeated by the illness that easily..Yeah!


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