Saturday, April 26, 2008

Be prepared

Well, I read someone's blog and found out about something that had happened..I can't guarantee what really happened but one thing that came to my mind was that losing your love one is unbearable.

I have not experienced the very deep emotional feeling of losing someone. The ever first love one whom left me, was my grandpa. My grandpa stayed with me during my childhood days. It was then that my grandpa went over to my uncle's place to stay and since then, my siblings and I did not get to see him that often. It was only Chinese New Year that we go over for a visit. And that was like once in a year. I did not cry though, maybe for me as a Christian, I thought that he will be in the heaven so there is nothing for me to feel sad about. Well, he left his family but very peacefully.

Although I did not know what was the feeling of truely losing someone you dearly love but I have seen and experienced those who shared with me about their lost. They cried terribly, they poured out their hearts and really cried it aloud. They couldn't accept what had happened and they were not prepared for it. The pain in them was more than a thousand needles piercing through their hearts. I'm not sure how you would imagine the pain but what I had seen was that I saw the particular person, crying helplessly, gushing out with tears, her eyes were red and she was thrusting her fist to her chest to relieve the pain that she was suffering..

My parents, they've definitely have aged. They're already in their 50s. I envy friends whom I have whose parents are still young and had planned for them. I'm the eldest in the family. I'm currently 19 and I have not gone for my NS. I'm worried but at the same time prepared for anything that might happen to them. However, I also believe that there are those who have lost their parents or their parents are even older than mine or even those who are orphans. I really feel sorry for offence but that's how I felt. Upon thinking of such, we should feel lucky and be glad that I can type this entry to you and for you to read this entry of mine. Some don't even have computers...

After typing all these, I suddenly thought about something..No offence but what happens if Jay Chou's mum were to leave him? How is he going to take it? I'm not sure how many of you have thought about that..But I can say that Jay Chou love her mum alot and if she were to leave him, I do not know how he would react to it. I hope he's prepared for the worst. And I believe that when that day comes, all media and focus would be on him and his fans will feel as one for him...

Juz my thoughts..that's all..


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