Sunday, May 11, 2008

Here at my relative house..and it's Mothers' Day!

Ok..Managed to get a laptop at my aunt's place. Travelled all the way from home to South View (LRT line near Choa Chu Kang) which is so far away lor..Anyway, it's Mothers' Day my aunt actually organised a buffet at her place and the great thing is that everyone are present here for the celebration. Yeah!

I'm feeling alright today. 2 nights ago went to Davian's (my best fren) 'Birthday Chalet' that he organised. It was so fun. All guys! No girls..! So basically we just talked about Guys' stuffs..Haha..Interesting eh?Guys also are like girls de..Haha..However, ultimately it is to celebrate Davian's birthday which is on 13th May..but he planned to have the celebration 4 days earlier. Then we had a karaoke sesion inside the chalet! So cool right? And you must be thinking how come chalet can have karaoke..Haha..No no..In the chalet at Downtown East Costa Sands, there is no karaoke but it is me who brought my attachment company product 'Magic Sing' to promote to my friends..And that night, we talked, we played, we sang and we totally enjoyed that night..

The next morning, we went to the newly upgraded Downtown East for our breakfast. I used to work in this particular fast food recommended to them 'Superdog' ! Yeah..It was only then that I know that my previous boss actually opened another outlet at Downtown East, previously, there is only the first and only outlet in Vivo City but now, there's one at Pasir Ris and the other at Kallang Leisure Park and still got the other one at Jurong Point I guess... It's superb lor..Never eat Mac food always tasted the same..!So what's the point in eating the same old taste? Find something much tastier lah! Superdog lor..Must try the Fresh Chicken Burger if you are first time going there..If not, for the hotdogs, try German Bratwurst! It's very nice!!My favourite!But it's not Halal..

I'll upload some pics later on tonight when I get home..If there's still time for me..But tmr having my attachment again...Sianz..


Anonymous my magic sing said...

It's actually fun reading this posts that led me to read more. It's like that I've been there in your stories as it was narrated in full details.

May 19, 2008 at 9:29 PM  

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