Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some oldies..

Well, nothing to just trying out to post a playlist..My favourite love song of all times!!This I Promise You by N'sync. Sad thing is that, there is no more this band le..The band was doing so good lor..Dunno why they disbanded..Sad...Anyway, I hope to sing this song to my dream gal...Well, I dunno if she appeared already but till that day, I would really wanna share this song with her...Hope she'll like it too! And for the other song, The Call by Backstreet Boys. Very rock/techno..I like the beat..Yeah!Last but not least, Better Than I. I love this song the most!!It's a Godly song..I really wish everyone will love this song too! It's so meaningful lor..It is sung by David Campbell also, you can hear this song as you watch the movie," Joseph King Of Dreams" And most importantly, this song represents the relationship of me with God..And He knows everything Better Than I.



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