Monday, May 19, 2008

Half a day at Sentosa, 1/4 a day at KBOX and 1/4 a day at a funeral

Yap..Today was an exhuasting day for me. Woke up early at 10am but was already late to meet up with my frens at Vivo City. Took a taxi there the moment I got myself into the correct attire for beach activities...haha..cause dun want others to say that I'm 妖怪. But seriouS! Today my frens and I really saw 妖怪 s!Cause there were 2 ladies dressing themselves in fashionable dresses like as if going for a modelling catwalk/runway..They were wearing HIGH-HEELS on the SAND!!KAOZ。。。!! UNBELIEVABLE MAN!!So girls out there better know how to match clothings onto yourselves to what would be the activities that you would be doing..Come to think of it, I think those 2 ladies really siao onez..Weather's so hot, still wear until something like that..Haiz..Think they're nuts...LOL!!..Ok..this is juz my opinion, opinions are juz like backsides, everyone has whoever doubts what I say about them..I'm fine..

Ok..One thing for sure...I love photography and I brought along a digital camera to Sentosa...but may I come people are so afraid of cameras such that they juz wanna siam from it..They have phobia ar...?Or they allergic to the camera lens..?! Come on...Juz take pictures and keep them as memories lah...!Aiyo...Haiz...

Being at Sentosa with your 志同道合的朋友 was fun...but the fun was short-lived cause for me, Wai Lreng, Xin Ni and Felicia, we have to practise our song for the Teenage no time to waste..had a little fun at Sentosa..then headed to Marina Square K Box. We got there at 3pm. Then we practise our song "三个愿望"...kept picking that song and sang until we perfect it...but we did not juz sing this song over and over again lah..we also sang other songs to open up our vocal cords. I've recorded our rehearsal..and also my own English version of 彩虹 by Jay Chou.

While I was enjoying myself at K Box, as I was singing, then I received a call from my fren that he would hope that I could attend his Grandma's funeral. Wah..the moment when I heard it, I agreed to him and actually planning to go for a soccer game with Mr You Wei but I had to skip that for my fren's instead. Then when I got to see my fren, he was fine, he was calm..It's juz that he lost someone whom he dearly cherished..who is his grandma..He told me about how strong his grandma was. She had a cancer 2 years ago, then the doctor said that she might not be able to live within months..However, what was so surprising was that, his grandma actually struggled for 2 years before she left today instead of just months which the doctor mentioned..

But anyway, I asked him about his future plans..and after knowing about what he intends to do, I was assured that he has an aim in life. It was then after having a chat with him, I had to return bid farewell to him and told him to take care of himself..Ya...Basically, that was what happened when I'm at my fren's grandma's funeral. Sad it was..But that's life. We juz have to live with it and also to move on from there.

Happily Ever After

We were so happy together

As the moments could have last forever

You say that it's now or never

All I asked is to live happily ever after

Stop what you're hiding from me

Of all the saddness that I'll be receiving

I wished this is not part of the ending

May it be something that's not surprising

Without you by my side my world is half asleep

My love for you is like the Alantic Ocean deep

To tell the truth

My purest love for you

I love you

Won't you feel the same way too

You say goodbye

I lost the sense of time

You can't deny

All the love that I've provide

I know I'll die

If you're not gonna be by my side

I'm willing to give up my life


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