Sunday, May 18, 2008


Correction...There is no Superdog at Kallang Leisure Park. My mistake...Sorry ah Edmund...(My previous boss) Haha..But today I went Superdog which is at Vivo City with Xin Ni. It was her first time there. Then I recommended her Chicken Ripper and I also ordered the same. Wah..Then the moment she started taking a bite out of it..She told me that it was so nice...!!

Hey hey...not bad right..?!That's why Macdonald food cannot eat anymore...Not sianz meh..eating that fast food for your whole life le...change your taste lah..Mac cannot make it lah..LOL! Superdog's one of the rules is that 'Quality Comes Before Speed'. Although it is a fast food restaurant, besides being fast, Edmund (boss of Superdog) emphasizes that his food must be of top quality standard before serving to his customers and this is one thing that I feel he has ensured very well. Also, I heard that they have an office! Impressive...Looks like Superdog is doing extremely well..Seriously, I would really like to learn being an entrepreneur from him. On top of that would be to be his business partner too...And I think that is very possible.

I hope to see Superdog continue its expansion. Edmund, if possible, open one Superdog outlet at Toa Payoh. Sure make money de..Serious..


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