Thursday, June 26, 2008

Super Powerful Fantastic Trip!

Hong Kong lady,waitress, in Cafe 178
I got her contact!

Yes!!Finally have the time to blog this wonderful experience that I had a week ago. A week ago, by right I was supposed to report for work/attachment. HOWEVER!!Haha..I believe when I say this, most of you would be so jealous and envy ..cause you guys are either studying!if not....working/attachment!!Haha..Guess what?! I went Hong Kong when I was supposed to go for my attachment! Haha..dun care..Hong Kong trip more inportant than any other things. Ok..To cut things short..

Basically, going to Hong Kong is not really a vacation trip lah..It's about going there to meet the people there..and also to get connections and also for suppliers...Haha..Business trip I would say..Yes..U juz heard/saw {business trip} Why?Cannot ar? 19 years old still cannot talk business yet ar?Haha..No offence k? Joke joke..Anyway, when I was there..I got the chance to get a Hong Kong girl's contact..And I've got a photo with her..Haha..Dun say I go BA MEI k? Is that, she's juz a waitress at this cafe that we went so juz grab the chance to take a picture with the locals there lor..Anyway, the whole trip was fun, exciting and we're always rushing here and there.. Over there at Hong Kong, we visited the Xing Xing Zhi English should be Victoria Harbour. A harbour between the Kowloon Pennisular and the Hong Kong island. Over there, we got to see the different companies' neon boards flashing brightly up high the buildings and of course even to the clouds..SO NICE Lor..!!But of course we go there see one company's board being lighted up on that day lah...Go there see other companies' one for what?Panasonic very nice to see meh?LOL..Only those who went will understand what I meant. Anyway...

FIVE STAR HOTEL STAY!!Okok..Some may think that I'm exaggerating...but I'm not..!!You may have stayed in a 5 star hotel before..that's why u won't feel so excited or even "chey!" may juz came to ur mind as u read this..BUT!!...Guess wat?! You go inside the toliet, you can get lOST!! (Can ask Mr You Wei..he knows..Yi Da also knows..haha..) But the stay in that hotel was fantastic..good stay, 915 threadcount bedsheet by the brand DS which is made of 100% egyptian cotton Hotel Collection...damn SMOOTH LAH...Can slip sia..(ok..I'm exaggerating about the slip..ya..basically,it's top standard quality and it's the best!) How I know? Cause I sell bedsheet de mah...Haha..

Ultimately, whatever there is over's not about the stay, not about having fun there..and not about meeting new friend there..but most importantly is to learn whatever that I've got from there...cause those who did not go Hong Kong with me, you really missed what I learnt from there..Ok..above are all my pics with my friends!


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