Monday, June 9, 2008

Yeah!I'm back again!

Ok..!It's good to be back here pen-ning down my thoughts or the things that I've gone through so far. Let me first talk about my attachment company which is V One Multimedia. We have just shifted over to Ubi Road 1..totally a new environment! I can say that the environment there is better than Kallang Baru..cause the building in Kallang Baru that our office previously was, was very old le...then it's going to be demolished at this end of the year. So ya..everyone working there has to move out eventually by the end of this year unless they wanna join in the fun collapsing with it lor..LOL! But doubt anybody like that building ba?Haha...

Next is that I'll be going to Hong Kong next week! Excited I am MAN!! Cause it will be my first time there and the experience that I'm going get from there is gonna benefit me thoughout my whole life. If I am unable to go, I'll be damn down and probably crying at home...Cause I understood how this trip is important to me. I know clearly that I am there not to enjoy myself but to really understand the culture over there..and of course going there, defnitely there will be a purpose lah..Anyone interested to know what is it? Haha...Curious right? Wait till I'm back lor...

Ok..Well..Over here I would like to thank those who have offered to help me..and I really appreciate ur help when I was seriously in times of need. To : Davian, Jia Hao, Kevin, Darius, David, Glen and Sze Kai.


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