Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I will still move on..till the day I'm ready

Feeling very down now.. I dunno what to write in this entry. Maybe I shall remember this day of why I am so down..never had I been so down before..Haiz..Today's the 13th of August. I will remember this day.

At first I was very the start of the day till somewhere in between but it was at the end of the day I felt like as if I lost my hope..The candle light was like juz blown away so suddenly and caught me unprepared for it. Really can't bear to see it...I really can''s not the time for me yet..I can't reveal anything much..but I'll keep it to myself...

However, I still believe that there's still can't give up...gotta do what I have to do first. I'm strong in my mentality, I know what are my pirorities and I will not allow any distractions to invade in me. Still..I await for that day. =(


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