Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yesterday had a very fun day since 2pm

Yeah!Went to sentosa yesterday!!Had lots of fun, played volleyball, frisbe but most importantly is the bonding with my frens! Wah..Can say we shared alot of things under the sun. Whole day was really a happy day!I totally, si bei enjoy it. One thing is probably my attachment has ended, secondly, I can enjoy myself just right after attachment at Sentosa and I was expecting quite a few frens to come but turned out that, the people were just enough and thirdly, to relax myself from unhappy thoughts.

Well,after being at Sentosa, we headed for steamboat!!Shoik sia...Wai Lreng, Felicia, Yi Da, Juliet, Ivan, Sylvian, Li Ling, Jia Yan, Mao Shan and I.

Then after the steamboat, we went to talk. The most interesting thing of all for the whole day is the talk between guys and girls. We asked questions whereby it's totally no ending answer to it. For the guys will pose the gals questions that we're uncertain and for the girls, they will pose questions to us guys. Haha..It was fun having all these debatings, having questions like when would it be the right time to confess to a girl, will guys look down on girls who chase after them, will girls appreciate guys chasing after girls etc.

Then we really cracked out alot of jokes and laughters! =)
(Will update with pics soon from Juliet)


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