Thursday, August 21, 2008

12 Lotus

I used to think that Roystan Tan's production is always very boring. After watching the previous movie," 881". I was very disappointed in it, maybe it was because I am a teenager, I do not understand Hokkien, neither do I appreciate what is called "Ge-Tai". Ever since then, I said that I am not going to watch his movies. Also, his short films were considered artistic but they were draggy and long winded, sometimes the dialogues from the actors were very short or should I say basically a few words. Overall, he is our local director. Comparing to Jack Neo, Jack Neo really knows how to captivate the locals, not just the teenagers but also adults and seniors, can say most people of different age group will prefer his movies than Roy's.

However, here's the twist, have you watched 12 Lotus?

What if I were to say that whatever I mentioned above, were his past and is different compared to now?LOL..Yes..I am not joking about this. This time round, Roystan Tan being the director of 12 Lotus, maintained his ideology of having Ge Tais in this movie, Hokkien songs, beautiful colourful settings and costumes, the same actors plus a few more BUT made it even more entertaining by truely showing you his personal directing point of view of what exactly 12 Lotus is. Indeed! This time round, he has proven to me that this masterpiece of his, really showcased his talent of directing a movie, sending out to the audience the message that he wishes to tell you and also to cultivate you the knowledge of his art-work.

5 Thumbs UP!! =)

Only those who are artistic will know what this movie is all about. So...Go on and watch this movie to test out how artistic you are!


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