Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to blogger! And the completion of my Diploma in Singapore Polytechnic

Actually, I can't bear to leave Blogger. Although LiveJournal has many different features. But somehow I juz find that Blogger suits me more than anything else - not even Facebook (though many people are using it).

Well, anyway..looks like time for another change then. Exams are coming really close. Next week will start. And I'm very excited! Not excited about the exams but the end of my years in POLY! Woh-HoH!(But hope won't repeat any modules lah..really pray hard for that).

Ok, before the end of everything...I would like to actually write down some of my feelings during these 3 years in poly. There has been ups and downs, without them, I would not have pull through till today preparing for the last final round of Diploma in Computer and Network Technology examinations. They are my poly classmates:

Zhi Hui (best friend who "cracks" my poly days with bursting laughters and computer geek)
Jia Wei (always there for me when I needed help in academics and man-on-man chat)
Felicia (naive girl but a 心地善良 friend)
Edwin (a caring friend who is matured in his thinkings)
Jun Rong (an unselfish friend who is extremely good in all sorts of computer games)
Genieve (a great listener whom you share your ideas to even though it may not work)
Maha (hardworking girl but introvert personality)
Jia Hui (不怕丢脸的一个男子汉- That's why we call him Lao and is good in music)
Aaron (a dare-devil who has a strong character)
Glen (knowledgable person who gets the latest facts on earth and determined personality)
Gibson (strong body built, an introvert in crowd but very logical)
Boon Hua (an enjoyable story-teller who shares his lifestories of his army days)
Zhi Cheng (serious and determine personality)
Ser Sing (very straight-forward person with strong character)
Timothy ( lazy *no offence* However, have great passion/addict in computer games)

Also, I've met polymates..over the Hui Shan, Katty, Yi Jie and Shen Jun..who are also in the same course.

Well, everything that has a beginning has an end.., poly days would be over soon. Many of us will take our different paths..probably paths to our success. It would be repeating of history just like in primary and secondary schools..

As for the guys, most of us will go NS, the girls, the University or to the working society but no matter how the future will turn out to be, everyone has already become each other's part of their lives which cannot be like photos being placed into a photo album............... BUT as memories in our hearts!


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