Monday, June 8, 2009

The production is finally over! (Apologies for this late entry..)

How's everyone man? I was helping out under Jack Neo's upcoming movie for the past 1 month, the whole thing ended on 30th May. (So I'm like quite late writing in this entry as it's already 8th of May..LOL)Well..the latest info is that the movie will be out in August which is around our chinese-calendar's ghost festival.

The whole experience was very new to me. Firstly, I was offered to be a production assistant. Well, it sounds nice lah...but actually is to be the "maid" of the actors/actresses. It's like have to provide drinks for them, shelter them with umbrellas while we get ourselves suntanned and even fanning them when they're perspiring.. Well, honestly speaking, I feel that being a production assistant is kind of the lowest ranking of the film industry but it is an important role on the other hand. Reason is that, without production assistants, who is there to provide you with things. Anything you want, you could simply ask from production side. They have it all. And though it may be tiring but if you were to step into the media industry, the very first job that you get is definitely starting off as a production assistant. Everyone in the industry will tell you this. However, I think not very true la..Cause if yu take part in acting schools and eventually become an actor, you don't have to go throught that.

Secondly, I get to meet new people who has many years of experience in the film industry. I got to meet a colleague in the team, his name is Alfred. He had spent 10 years of his life in doing lightings and lightings is not easy, you have to carry heavy equipment. As for my built, I don't think I could handle something that heavy. But lightings is also an important department for movie makings. It would affect the audience's vision of looking at the big screen. So movie makings is not easy, you have to consider many aspects in order to make a good movie. You got to have storyline, you have to have actors who know how to bring about the characters for the movie, you need to have people controlling the crowd...

Thirdly, as I've mentioned before in my previous entry. I was from the production department and later was arranged and asked to help out at the Art Department. Well, I feel that being in the Art Department, it was interesting at first. But along the way, there were somethings which I just simply couldn't meet up to expectation. Well..I was kinda sorry that whenever I wanna offer my help, instead of helping, I was like creating more problems. The moment when I started feeling that way, I told myself to stop whatever that I am doing. Cause I know that I was not on-form at all. Haha...You might be thinking how come need to be on form although we're not playing soccer..Well, to be frank, I think I was really not helping out much. And things start to get nasty to team members in the Art Department, which I believe, started to have some negative thoughts about me.. I could feel myself very useless at that point of time. Serious, no joke. Well, there are some negative things that happened to me which I don't really want to write them in this entry. As I just do not wish to remember again. However, don't worry my friends, I'm ok..Eventually, around the last 2 weeks before the end of production, I dunno whether is it by chance or so that I happened to re-pack the whole Art Department Van of props such that I know where I can find things right away as I know where I placed them. So basically, for the past early weeks when I was not on form, I dunno the things that my members wants me to get, therefore, I couldn't help them much when they ask for it. Haha..I was quite happy about it after re=packing the Van on my own. Eventually,everything comes into place, the nastiness went away..I could see I'm part of the team again. Most of the time when I was asked to look for a particular item, I managed to know where the exact location of the item that they want. However, things that are not packed my me, I had to searched all over again lor..and that did not take up much of my time looking for it either.And finally, after the whole process, our relationship as a team was bonded again. Though it was kinda awkward as all of us are guys but I could feel that everything was back to "OK!" LOL...

Alright, here are some of the photos that I have with me during the shoot and after the shoot where we have a wrap-party, a dinner organised for the whole crew for the efforts put in.


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