Friday, May 1, 2009

4 Days of film production for NeoStudios - 吓到笑

Yea! Finally a break from a 4 days straight of hardwork. Today's Labour Day probably that is why we're asked to take a break before we get back to work for the whole of this month. Anyway..just here to blog on the 4 days that I experienced.

On the 1st day, my duty is basically a Production Assistant. What a production assistant do is to get everything prepared before the shoot - things like drinks, umbrellas, towels etc.. Anything for the crew members when they need it. To simplify: To be the maids of everyone in the production LOL!Well, actually before the first day, I've already met colleagues like Noel, who has been in the industry for some time and is very experienced in this sector. Also, Dorithy, who also took part in the same compeition as me -The Director and Scriptwriter Search 2008. Yup, so on this first day, Noel was the one driving the 2 of us in his rented van to search for materials around Singapore. Half of the day was spent on purchasing materials and even carrying of tables into the van to the shooting scene location. I was later being posted to the Art Department. I came into the shooting scene whereby I see 3 guys half naked with tatoos all over their bodies putting all the furnitures together to create the scene for the atmosphere. They were shifting here and there, screwing things up, arranging the furnitures and most importantly they will visualise what exactly the scene will look like in their minds and try to make it realistic. I was at first afraid of being part of the team as it was considered tough jobs, like banglahs. However, at the end of the day which is somewhere 8pm in the evening. It was time to buy the props. Then I found out that, all 3 of them drive!! And they have their own cars! So better off than banglahs..LOL..Well, they are chinese btw. The head of the Art Department who is our Art Director, his name is Kenneth. Then followed by Willam and Jerry who are his assistants and of course the newly me in the team. =)

On the 2nd day, we were all gathered with the casts and crew for a prayer session. We were all told to arrive at the first shooting scene at 6.20am. (Which from last night that is less than 6 hours of sleep plus I couldn't sleep at all because I was afraid of waking up late). Jack Neo was there, so was the producer and the scriptwriter. Actors for the first time that I see them right in front of me were Liu Qian Yi, Wang Lei, Ah Nan, Hui Ge (Whom I congraduated him for getting the Star Award), Chen Jian Bing, Tony, Ya Mien(who is what everyone recognised as Lao Char Bo,she acting as ghost) and Directors Jack Neo and Boris. Also, I got to meet people who are in NeoStudios. Everything was the first time for me, so was this girl named Linda. I got to meet her and I was surprised when she said that she wasn't part of the competition that Dorithy and I took, rather, she got the job through someone in NeoStudios and she told me that she's the Production Assistant of Jack Neo. So good lah..can learn alot of things from him and can even get close to him. Alright, how Linda and I met was we were both told to ask all the cast and crew what they want to have for their lunch. She and I being the first timers in such a big movie production, we were really pai seh and shy to ask them especially the actors and the Directors. But in the end, it was pretty ok as Ah Nan was joking around with us. He's really a great comedian! He really can bring out the laughters in everyone of us. The actors some of them really very the end, there were people advising us that it was impossible to satisfy everyone's need. Therefore, we just ask what they can't eat that's all.Really save alot of time lah..but for me, I just feel that it would be a very great service if everyone can have food of what they like.If one day I become a director or a boss in a company, I think my workers will feel very seng niang as their welfare is very well taken care of by me. Haha..

On the 3rd Day, finally, a shoot outdoor. The weather was super hot. The sun was the worst enemy of the day. Everyone was perspiring non-stop so was asking for more water etc. There was one scene whereby it was along the corridor and there was some dried dog shit on the ground which I believed was left behind by the dogs that were owned by the neighbours. And sad enough to say, someone has to clear it. And unfortunately, I just nice standing right in front of the Assistant Director and she asked me to clear it. Well...this kind of task, I believe no office ladies or any high ranking officials will do it. For me, for the sake of the production and for respecting the rank of the Assistant Director, I went to clear it. It is like a task whereby no one will notice who went to clear it but it is a task that only the ones who thinks of the bigger picture would do it.

Finally on the 4th day which was yesterday, all the scenes were taken outdoor. It was better than filming indoor. Which was so hot and stuffy. Anyway, this day was the funniest as one of the scenes that we took was in a restaurant. There were 4 dishes prepared for the actors. And Liu Qian Yi being the Main Character out of the 3 among Jian Bing Ge, Tony and himself, he ate alot!!I as the Art Department crew, had to make sure that whatever that he takes and eat, I had to top it up.Topping it up is nothing as food is prepared on standby but to put them in the exact same spot before it shoots is a headache. LOL! But it was fun at the end...when Jian Bing Ge and Tony do not get to eat. I believe when you guys watch the movie, it will be hilarious!

Alright..tmr's shooting gonna start again.Been having lacks of sleep but the whole journey so far is very enriching for me and exciting. Not sure when I will blog again..but till the next time then. =)


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