Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's my 20th BirthdaY!

Man....starting to have a 2 in the tens place..just make me feel like I've grown..........older. LOL!

Growing up is the process..eventually, youth will be gone, we start to get matured and begin to get busy with our purposes in life..Well, few days before my birthday, managed to catch up with most of my frens..and best of all..I went clubbing for the second time with my fren at Double 0! And got to meet really cool friends..I found out that I was too serious kinda guy who does not know how to really relax myself or DANCE at all..Man..I got to learn some dancing tactics for free from the new NS men that I know..I seriously enjoyed clubbing with them for the first time..had fun haha...Those interested in clubbing..let me know..! Haha...let's club together..

Well..some people might find that going clubbing is not something decent..But as you think about're going with your friends and as long as you have your own principles and you abide by it, then it should be fine...but of course, dun go astray lah..I'm not sure if one day I'm gonna be classified as a clubber..but maybe's time to learn some dancing!

Alright...clubbing at Double 0 was 2 nights before my birthday. The next day, I went for Lydia's play, a special event organised by her church,The New Church, in celebration/rememberance of Good Friday and of Jesus Christ at RELC International Hotel. I brought Eric along and seriously..The play was interesting, hilarious and story was good..Message from the play brings out to the many audience of different age group. Very original too. (Not forgetting the Indian music with the people dancing with it..made the whole atmosphere more lively and entertaining..) And for the third time that I meet Lydia..How I actually met her was I was on the train..and I approached her..Hey! Not desperate or what hor..But we were both on our way to SP. I did not know her at first but on the train I saw her "playing" or touching her hair throughout the whole journey to Dover like as if she juz had a new haircut...But to know her when I approached her when we both got onto Dover. And now, things are getting better for us as friends I suppose.

Well..and on my birthday which is today...I received many wishes from many friends..And have quite a long chat with them. Though I did not really celebrate with my friends out..but I just felt that I got to catch up with most of them..which I think is more worthwhile than going out for a party or something. My family dad came back from work early..same for my sis and my young brother coming home to celebrate my birthday with me...A simple celebration. We just called for KFC the family feast meal. We had quality time together too...Hardly get together as we always doing our own things which is -> work.

Haha...You could be thinking that having KFC with my family members is the final celebration that I had for the day. Haha..but not so...It so happen that someone who is so sweet came out for supper with me..Ee Xuan! I've not seen her for months! I still remember there was just this once that we met when we were at Bugis..she was on the escalator, I was on the escalator too..but we're taking the opposite directions. I was coming down and she was going up. And that was the only glimpse of seconds that we met...And just now, at the last hour of my birthday before it hits 12am, we met again at Bedok the most famous Bar Chor Mee hawker centre..and there, we had our supper and we chatted and catched up with things..She was beautiful and her eyes were still as sparkling as ever when the first time I saw her. I still remember she was very "dao" when I first approached her when she and I left from work in Tampines BHG, that was the first time I met her and it was at the predestrain crossing. But now, we're getting better as friends too..I really thank her for being out in the night despite that it's dangerous for a girl to be out...And we did have our supper and chat...In the end, I accompanied her home safely on a cab and it was also time for me to be back home. When will I get to meet her again..? Who knows..But God knows.. =)


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