Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011- Resolutions for this year..

Things I did in 2010 that craved deep impressions and achievements:

- 'Best PT' in 24 Singapore Artillery of 12th FATA Trade Course (Feb)
- IPPT GOLD YEAR 1 (March)
- Made a confession (March)
- Marksmanship Year 1 (March)
- Passed SOC (March)
- Celebrated my 21st Birthday with all my friends (April)
- Won 2nd Place for Imitating Jay Chou Competition (July)
- Attended my idol's (Jay Chou) Concert (July)
- Struck a $240 4D number (August)
- IPPT GOLD Year 2 (September)
- Took up keyboard lessons (October)
- Marksmanship Year 2 (December)

Year 2011 Resolutions

1) To achieve weight of only 65kg and protruding abs
2) To know how to play the piano piece - 说了再见
3) New 1TB Hardisk
4) Start up a small business
5) Organise a chalet/hotel for festivals/celebrations perhaps for 2012
6) At least 1k in bank account for expenditure
7) Learn to speak up for myself
8) Do a short film
9) Get a Samsung Galaxy Tab or better
10) Feast on ORD!
*11) A girlfriend?


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