Saturday, September 3, 2011

Army-Half Marathon 21km Competitive

I didn't even think that I was gonna be selected, I used to be the last to finish, everyone in the team thought I was just doing it for the sake of doing..I felt demoralized in fact..but I kept training..and I trained hard for it..I ate healthily to even rejecting my friends' invitations to buffets and steamboats. I asked friends to join me for jogs at ECP but never cut short of the distances I've intended to run. Sometimes when they're unavailable, I still make the effort to jog on my own. Others even tell me that I was foolish to participate -should have stayed at home and not do anything about it. 2 months had passed, my trainer told me, "your timing has improved alot!" and a few said that I've slimmed. Those words to me have been my motivation to do better. Tmr's the big day - Army Half-Marathon 21km Competitive. I only trained so hard not because of the distance but to be able to tell everyone after the race - "I did it!"


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