Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making The Fatal Move

Now everything is clear to me and I was right to myself. Though I'm really heartbroken but at least I now know that I can start to put it aside and slowly forget about it..hopefully...

I have to admit to myself that I made the wrong move...that made my friends shake their heads after I told them. Well, I'll just take it as a lesson learnt. There are just many things in life that you can't have everything..I've kept some stuffs to myself and decided even if I were to say, it'll be pointless because everything had already been concluded.

The few days I had was quite terrible. I felt like a girl. Felt like as if I was a girl...I didn't know I actually fell that deep...and right now, I'm still recuperating from it. Hope this will not take long..
Ultimately, no matter what obstacles that I have to go through, I had to overcome it and I'm very sure the culprit to create all these obstacles was God but He did this to me for a reason. The reason to - grow.


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