Sunday, September 20, 2009

BMT: Viper Company First Book Out Day!

YES!! Finally got to book out from army. Alright, lots of things to share about army man. Been in there for the past 9 days. Thanks to Hari Raya, if not it'll be for 14 days which is 2 weeks.

On the first day, my parents, my brother and I headed to Pasir Ris Bus Interchange early in the morning. When I got there, my best friends, Wee Ping and Bing Xiang were already there bidding a last farewell before taking up the bus to army. The moment, we got there, we were told to pass our ICs and collected quite a number of things. After that we had a short briefing before entering an Auditorium. It was about to say a pledge, a soldiers' pledge. Next we got to see a video clip of the past army days. That really made my heart sank, cause though I was born in 1989 and did not know what exactly Singapore was in the past, now that she has come to today, we really came a long long way till today. After that, we got to have our last lunch with our parents before parting away from our love ones.

Firstly, the change of the pink ICs to the green ICs(army ICs). Next was to collect huge number of things like bags, clothes, uniforms, boots, almost everything are provided. Next, we were to check to make sure we have our item list all checked and sizes correct. Well, that took us quite some time before we get to our bunks. There in our bunks, were double decker beds, we were already changed to our army shirts and pants. Later, we were told about our buddies. My new met buddy his name is Kevin. I should say on the first day when we got to know of each other, we did not talk very much but was getting along quite well. After some admin stuffs, we went for our dinner. And the most unescapable thing comes right after that, the haircut.

Man, all my hair fell onto the floor for the first time whereby I do not even have to tell the barber how my hair I want it to be. LOL! However, I must say, after the haircut, it was really very cooling. Still, the weather is really super hot.

Then for the past few days later till the day I booked out yesterday, we did many exercises, really tough exercises, we did learn some skills to protect ourselves. Haha..but these few days I've been enjoying and also at the same time feeling that under Viper Company, it's very tough and strict. But I will pull through, always telling that in my mind. Lastly, OH MY GOD! I failed my IPPT! I can't believe I couldn't even pass my Standing Broad Up and Sit Up and not talk about Pull-Ups! But I managed to pass my 2.4km, at first fail,timing was 12.24mins. but during the actual, I came in 11.40mins. So there's improvement. Sadly, I really missed my 9.07mins timing for my 2.4km in Secondary school. Will I hit that timing ever again?