Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Past 3 Weeks in Army

I have adapted the life in army. It was pretty easy as the things that we do are repetitive. However, in Viper Company, training is really tough. Their motto is The Best Form Of Welfare Is Tough Training. LOL! Think I will die sia..But my section mates have been very strong compared to the other sections in the platoon. The rate of the number of people falling sick for the past 3 weeks have increased and we can visually see a new platoon forming up. They call it the "Longbangs Platoon" Haha..

This morning was a very special book out day that I'll probably remember for the rest of my life. Before I begin, it was on Friday that we could have booked out but it was meant for those who passed their IPPT can then book out on Friday. Most of us failed, so we had to stay for another night. Usually the commander would give us the timetable for the next day, they call it RO. So on that Friday night, just before we can bathe and sleep, we gathered at the parade square for the briefing.

The briefing goes on mentioning the same routine in army life to wake up early in the morning to do 5BX exercises, have our breakfast and later fall in for first parade. Everyone was expecting that after having breakfast, we would be able to booked out right after. However, the commander added that we were to fall in in PT Kit at our First Parade and afterwards would be a 3KM RUN! Everyone upon hearing that,heart sunken deeply, regretted of not passing our IPPT and wished that time could just rewind back to make us put in the effort.

So the next day begin, and our hearts were filled with disappointment of not being able to leave the campbase early. We did our area cleaning and fall in First Parade in our PT Kit, mentally prepared to run the 3KM run. Before every activity, it is a must to do warm up exercises. For the warm-up exercise, it is always a set of 10 exercises ;jumping jacks, high-jumper,squat bender etc. So we did the first one which was jumping jacks and the second one, the high jumper.

Suddenly, out of the blue, we were told to do another exercise which was not the usual 3rd 4th or 5th exercise, they suddenly asked us to do Prone-Roll, basically to lie flat on the ground having palms and head off the ground and hold it there. Then one voice echoed out in the air, "The time now is 0730!", we as recruits when hearing times given by commanders, we had to echo back. And so we did but we did not know why the sergeant mentioned that. The next thing that happened brought joy in our hearts and all stress-free. "By 0750, everyone is to be ready for inspection, now, get out of the parade square!MOVE!" announced the sergeant.

Flocks of "dogs" running speedily in all directions, joyful smiles and laughters were seen among the faces of the recruits, even me,ran as fast as I could to grab my bag and back to my bunk for inspection. The sergeants and commanders smiled as they were infected by us too. My mind had a snapshot of the scene, it was chaotic but it was nothing nasty at all. It was the most joyous occasion I ever seen before. Those who passed their IPPT and booked out on Friday did not get to see this. We did.

All simply was about, being able to book out early.